WLM2 Master Module (Discontinued)

WLM2 Master Module hydronic floor heating provide true comfort and optimal energy efficiency

System brainpower

The waterline system from OJ Electronics is a temperature control system for room heating and room cooling, integrated with switching of the primary heating and cooling sources, and the control of water temperature and mixing devices. This ensures the best possible comfort conditions and also reduces energy consumption.

Based on the room temperatures, the master ensures optimum operation of boilers, pumps, and – on the digital master, water temperature control.

To find our complete product range for Floor Heating Hydronic, please use the Product Brochure page 14-15.

  • To enable the cooling function, an interface module WLAC and humidity sensor WLH have to be connected

  • A humidity sensor limits the formation of condensation on floor surfaces

  • Dehumidifier can be enabled by the master



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