Controller for Rotary Heat Exchanger (Discontinued)

Controller for Rotary Heat Exchanger

Type RHX2M - Modbus controlled

The RHX2 is a series of VVX controllers for speed control of rotary heat exchangers. It replaces the traditional solutions with frequency converters and geared motors. RHX2 is engineered for direct drive solutions thus reducing the life cycle cost drastically through reduced maintenance and reduced wear and tear.

Designed for installation directly on the rotary heat exchanger housing, the RHX2 is easy to install and commission. It is even supplied with the motor wired and pluggable to the controller.

The RHX2 series has been developed to give our customers an advantageous combination of high quality, accurate control at any speed and low life cycle costs.

  • Available with various IP-Class connectivity and motor cable lengths
  • Install directly on the rotary heat exchanger housing
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Motor is supplied wired and pluggable to the controller








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