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OJ Air2 – control system for AHUs

Controlling air handling units (AHU) with precision is crucial for proper performance. At OJ Electronics, we have spent four decades providing and perfecting control systems for AHUs. So we are very aware that different settings require different things. With OJ Air2, you can get it all.

Pick the level of control you want

Our AHU control range is about quality and choice. If you want the full benefit of sophisticated AHU control and simple handling, you can install our complete range in your system. But you can also scale your system to match project specifications, picking out specific products and control features to give your clients exactly the level of AHU functionality and control they need. Here you can choose between a range of master modules, motor controller, pressure transmitters, sensors and more.

Plug & play solutions

All elements in the OJ Air2 AHU control range fit together perfectly – and many of the products have Modbus technology, which makes cabling and installation a breeze. We call that QuickPlug™. But our Plug & Play philosophy goes further than that: With OJ Air2 controls inside, your entire AHU is transformed into a single preinstalled unit for remarkably easy installation on-site.

Energy savings 

OJ Air2 controls minimise energy consumption in AHUs in many ways, e.g. through efficient interaction with heat pumps.

Reliable solution 

With an OJ Air2 solution, all components of superior, lasting quality – and fit together perfectly. That’s why they will reliably handle every situation with ease.

Individual Zone Control

As OJ Air2 Master can handle four different temperature zones directly the AHU system is more cost-efficient than ever – and system integration is perfectly simple.

Easy Integration

Ensuring simpler and faster system integration the OJ Air2 Master has BACnet profile Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC) with BTL listing and certificate. This makes BACnet integration simpler and cheaper for system integrators.

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