Modbus temperature transmitters: digital accuracy for ducts or rooms

Temperature transmitters 

Our series of Modbus temperature transmitters allows you to measure and control temperatures in your HVAC installations with great accuracy. Available in different mechanical variants to fit ducts or rooms, the OJ Electronics Modbus temperature transmitters are very easy to install. 

Rapid and efficient response

Our Modbus temperature transmitters deliver the temperature data digitally via Modbus RTU technology. This ensures that measurement accuracy is not reduced by cable losses, bringing you highly reliable data. You system can respond swiftly and efficiently to adjust temperatures as required.

Temperature transmitters for ducts or rooms

Our Modbus temperature sensors come in two variants:

• TTH-6202 – for flexible installation in ventilation ducts, supplied with pre-fitted 7m cable

• TTH-6040-W – a stylish option for wall installation in rooms

Both sensors feature Modbus RTU connectivity and are fully compatible with advanced system solutions such as OJ Air2.  

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