Central Controller MCS4 (Discontinued)

Central Controller MCS4

Maximum comfort - from installation to operation

Comfort System 4™ offers maximum comfort in all areas, from installation through operation to servicing. It ensures minimum energy consumption by intelligent radio controlled thermostats following a group’s 4-event programme.

The wireless controller and thermostats are recommended for controlling multi-room heating systems with up to 16 rooms.
Green Comfort - Save up to 36% CO2

  • Saves at least 20% in energy consumption

  • Easy read-out of energy costs

  • Depth of only 20 mm, wireless installation and snap mounting of front cover make installation easier than ever!

  • Easy, animated menu navigation and programming. The programming is child’s play, ensuring the fastest and easiest setup.

  • Easy set-up –5 built-in schedules ready for use.

  • Innovative –ready for external SMS modem control.

  • Automatic daylight saving times and battery backup of clock and calendar.



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