Simple to use thermostats of exceptional quality


OJs room thermostats for electric underfloor heating has a wide geographic reach and a deep product assortment, available for the different markets.

Basic Thermostats OJ Microline®

Our simple floor-heating thermostats are ideal wherever you want basic temperature management – combined with an exceptionally high level of quality that ensures perfectly reliable operation for years and years. These simple comfort thermostats offer features such as a built-in double pole interrupter, night setback and max./min. temperature limitation to protect wooden and tiled floors against damage. 

Fits many frames

Our basic thermostats can be mounted in many different types of frames and light switches, which makes system integration straightforward. They come complete with a floor sensor. Thanks to their IP21 enclosure rating, they are suitable for wet-room installation, too. And their simple, Scandinavian design makes them easy to fit into any interior.

18 mm installation depth – easy for installers

Our basic thermostat is the thinnest on the market. With an installation depth of just 18 mm, installers will find it easier to manage wires inside the wall. What is more, the improved cage clamp design means that the thermostats slot easily in place. All in all, these simple thermostats save plenty of time in the field.

Pulse width modulation – learns as it goes

The OJ Microline simple comfort thermostats adapt themselves to their location. The built-in PI controller uses pulse-width modulation to learn as it goes, becoming even better at avoiding undershooting or overshooting temperatures. The result is more stable, accurate temperature control – and it’s easier on the thermostat, too, which extends its lifetime.  

Exceptional quality

• Tried-and-tested technology

• Minimal risk of errors/wear and tear

• Pulse width modulation extends thermostat lifetime

Product range

Digital Thermostat MTD3​

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Product Range


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