Touchscreen Thermostats

OJ Microline® Touch Thermostats branding your business 

Having a high-quality control system is important for all floor heating solutions. The OJ Microline® Touch thermostats offer smart control in every sense of the word: the touchscreen gives users an attractive, intuitive interface, while installers get thermostats that are easy to install and require no service. As system integrator, you get technology that matches the rest of your solution perfectly – and won’t let you down.

Cutting-edge technology with minimum fuss

The innovative OJ Microline® Touch thermostats are constructed to the high quality standards you expect from OJ Electronics. Here, system integrators and installers get an adaptable and easy-to-apply solution that matches all their professional and technical needs: full compatibility, minimal field returns and happy end users.

In short, these touchscreen thermostats are ideal whenever you want to give your floor heating solution a sophisticated finishing touch.

• 12 different languages – cover many markets

• Compatible with existing floor sensors

• Energy monitoring

• QR code readouts

Choose between WiFi for full control – any time, anywhere,   2” touchscreens for easy integration in standard European frames – or the larger 3.5” touchscreen for an even more attractive user experience.

WiFi Thermostat - OWD5 and MWD5

The WiFi-enable version of the OCD5 touchscreen thermostat that can be controlled by an app. This cloud-based solution combines an updated version of the OJ Microline® Touch Thermostat OCD5 with the latest generation of the OJ Microline® app.

2” versions – OCD5 and MCD5

Both versions share the same technical specifications and intuitive interface – the only difference is the design. 

3.5” version – OCD6

The larger 3.5” touchscreen is ideal when you want to maximise user-friendliness.


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