OJ GreenZone™ gets BTL certification

The popular OJ GreenZone™ control system is now BTL certified, making it easier for you to comply with tender specifications – and giving you access to even more functions via the BACnet protocol.

Meet tender specifications with BTL certification

BTL certification is required in many tender materials these days, and with certification in place for the OJ GreenZone™ system, you can bid for – and win – more tenders than before.

Trouble-free BACnet integration

OJ Electronics have always used the BACnet protocol, but the BTL certification process gives our usage the final seal of approval: it assures users and suppliers that the OJ GreenZone™ system has been independently tested for conformance to the BACnet standard in accordance with globally accepted test policies and definitions. So you can be sure of trouble-free BACnet integration.

Even more functions available

The BTL certification process coincides with new software that makes even more functions accessible via the BACnet protocol. This makes it simpler than ever for users to optimise operation of their ventilation system in perfect interaction with the other installations in the building.

BTL certification for OJ GreenZone™ in brief:

  • Full BTL certification of the GreenZone™master
  • New software makes more functions accessible via the BACnet protocol
  • Easier operation optimisation
  • Easier tender compliance

You can find our BTL certificate here.

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